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  • Presentation

    DESIGNA 2018 - International Conference on Design Research
    November 29-30 / FAL-UBI / Covilhã . Portugal

    Design + Territory  

    DESIGNA - International Conference on Design Research celebrates its 7th edition in 2018, choosing to promote the debate and provide visibility to the ongoing research regarding the connection between Design and Territory, as well as its multiple and complex dimensions. 

    Design not only interacts with Territory, but it can also be one of the latter’s crucial transformation agents, due to the sizable and significant part it plays in the appreciation of local resources and contribution to identify and reveal the history, culture and predicates of communities where several of the products and services it projects are, in fact, generated. 

    Regardless, Design’s role understandably pivots around the conceptual innovation and renovation of products, production procedures, communication strategies and overall services associated with general goods. Thus, its focus could actually be quite efficient when altering the perception which distinct agents from a certain value chain may nurture about the potential of very diverse territories, particularly through its ability to integrate different scopes of human activity, from agriculture to tourism, craftsmanship to science, gastronomy to the industry. 

    Contemporary Design and the myriad of knowledge and values it encompasses may easily facilitate the dialogue, as well as integrate and explore multiple dimensions from historically underestimated individuals and communities, both locally and within more cosmopolitan spheres. Design changes people’s lives, alters routines, shifts expectations, opens markets and, most of all, has the ability to - through the thought and projectual action that defines its practices - connect production’s several dimensions with the ones from distribution and fruition, as much in a local as in a global scale, bestowing them with a cultural purport. 

    Also, it is in concrete territories that transformation opportunities are created, through the development of actions and projects that are able to answer, from bottom up and in a participated manner, to the complex issues and restraints emerging from the operative social-economical models with an increasingly hegemonic propensity. Design can undoubtedly contribute to build alternatives there. On the other hand, the duo Design / Territory summons the topics from DESIGNA’s previous editions, particularly the ones concerned with Projectual Hope, un/Sustainability and Identity, although multimedia interfaces and the overall components from desire and lapse can also be easily reflected and detected in it.

    DESIGNA’s 7th edition will also entail a few novelties, from an organic point of view. Its double blind peer review from abstracts and full papers will of course remain, but now under a renewed Scientific Committee. The decision to broaden the Conference’s Executive and Scientific Committees emerged from the need to effectively respond to the increasing support and adhesion from the extensive community of academics, researchers and designers that choose to participate in the event. We have launched the call for papers and projects, first as abstracts and afterwards in their final versions, in order to be able to print the Proceedings in time for DESIGNA’s dates. Departing from the 6 fields which, throughout its several editions, have given structure to the Conference, we have also defined an equal number of Working Groups / Thematic Sessions, each one supervised by a researcher from UBI / LabCom.IFP and assisted by an external delegate, in order to collectively shape the final program. 

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  • Calendar

    APR 15   Opening of the Call for Papers and Projects (Abstracts)

    JUN 15   Deadline for submission of abstracts

    JUN 30   [First Peer Review] Notification of acceptance

    SEP 30   Deadline for submission of full papers / projects by accepted authors

    OCT 15   [Second Peer Review] Final decision regarding full paper's / project's acceptance, non-acceptance or improvement following any suggested alterations

    OCT 31   Deadline for submission of full paper's /project's final version

    OCT 31   Deadline for registration of authors with accepted proposal

    NOV 10   Disclosure of the Conference's final program 








  • Registration

    Registration must be made through the e-mail - designa.na.ubi@gmail.com. The formalization of the process requires all participants to submit confirmation of the fee’s payment, as well as the following information:

    1. Full name

    2. Institution (University, Faculty, Department or Research Center)

    3. Professional occupation (Category)

    4. Communication / Poster ID assigned by the submission's system

    5. e-mail

    6. NIF or Passport Number (participants without Portuguese nationality / residence) - required so that UBI can issue the payment's invoice

    7. Address - required so that UBI can issue the payment's invoice

    8. Students must attach proof of such status.


    PAYMENT - 
Bank transfer to 

    Universidade da Beira Interior 

    BANK: Santander

    NIB: 0018 0003 2322 0304 0208 9

IBAN: PT50 0018 0003 2322 0304 0208 9



    General fee: 100 euros

    Students (graduate and PhD) and Fellowship researchers: 50 euros


    Contact for Registration 

    Catarina Moura (designa.na.ubi@gmail.com)



    The authors of an accepted communication or poster must pay their correspondent registration fee in order to: (1) Be included in the official programme; (2) Receive documentation; (3) Obtain a participation certificate; and (4) Publish their papers on the Conference's proceedings.



    Guest speakers and members from any of the Conference's Committees are exempt from any payment. Regardless, if any of the Executive or Scientific Committee's members have an accepted communication / project, registration is still required and they must submit the solicited information mentioned above by e-mail.

    UBI's professors, fellowship researchers and general employees (from all the Faculties and Departments) are also free to attend without any costs or need of registration (if they are not presenting a communication / project).



    If they don't have an accepted communication / project, UBI'S STUDENTS MAY HAVE ACCESS TO THE CONFERENCE FREE OF CHARGES

    The non-payment of the registration fee won’t allow the students to obtain any documentation or require a certificate of presence, which would require the payment of a 20€ fee and registration by e-mail (following the instructions mentioned above).

    If a student only wishes to have a certificate of presence, that requires the payment of a 3€ fee and registration by e-mail (following the instructions mentioned above).



    The registration fee does not include any meal.



  • Submission Guidelines


    The authors are expected to submit an extended abstract, to a maximum of 2000 characters (including spaces, as well as title, keywords and bibliography), written in any of the Conference's working languages: Portuguese, English or Spanish. The abstract must include title, general theme, synopsis, justification of the proposal's relevance to this year's DESIGNA (since it will be focused on the connection between Design and Territory), intended goals, explored hypothesis, conceptual and methodological framework, predicted results (if applicable), 3 to 5 bibliographic references, and up to 5 keywords.

    If the intended proposal is a Project and not a paper, the abstract will correspond to a descriptive memory. This text should not exceed 1000 characters (including spaces, title, keywords and bibliography) and must be submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish, including title, typology, synopsis, intended goals, applied methodology, predicted results (if justified), final format intended, and a justification of its relevance to this Conference's edition.

    The submitted proposals adequacy and the justification of their relevance to DESIGNA 2018's purposes will be one of the main evaluation and acceptance criteria, consequently justifying their refusal and exclusion. Thus, we recommend this aspect to be taken into serious consideration.

    Authors must use DESIGNA's submission platform (accessed through the website's menu) and present their proposals until July 15th, 2018. This deadline will not be extended. The platform will automatically assign each author an ID code, which must be saved and remembered, since it will always remain relevant as identification. The assigned ID also ensures the transparency of the blind peer review process, since the three members of the Scientific Committee responsible for the evaluation of each proposal will only have access to that code. 

    Anonymity is paramount to the reviewing process. Therefore, the submitted file must not contain any information regarding the author(s), since that can cause its exclusion. The author(s)' personal details must be exclusively provided when filling the submission platform's solicited data.

    Each intended participant can submit one proposal as Presenting Author and up to three proposals as Secondary Author.

    2. ACCEPTANCE [1st stage] - Until June 30th, the author(s) will be notified about the acceptance of rejection of the submitted proposal(s).


    Once the abstract or the descriptive memory are accepted, their corresponding full paper and final project (or information about it), intended to be published in the Conference's proceedings, must be submitted until September 30th, through the e-mail designa.na.ubi@gmail.com, in consonance with the following instructions: 


    3.1. TEXT - A single file, identified with the submission ID, saved in .docx, .doc, .rtf or .odt (.pdf files are not accepted), with minimal formatting and structured as follows:


    - Submission ID; 

    - Title;     

    - Full name of the author(s); 

    - Professional category; 

    - Belonging institution; 

    - Contact e-mail; 

    - Identification of the intended thematic panel (Theory and Methodology / History and Education / Fashion and Textiles / Multimedia and Interface / Industrial and Product / Communication and Services), although it may change due to the Referee's recommendation ; 

    - Abstract and keywords (up to 5) provided both in english and, if different, the language in which the paper is written; 

    - Full paper (up to 10 000 characters, including spaces), written in any of the working languages (Portuguese, English or Spanish);

    - Abbreviated bibliographic references when included in the text (AUTHOR year: page number) and complete in the end (the final references are not included in the instructed character's limit); 

    - Any footnote must be placed at the end of the paper, before the bibliographic references (included in the instructed character's limit); 

    - Subtitles, indicating credits, must be put in the image's intended place, along with the corresponding image's ID.

    3.2. IMAGES - Images must be sent in individual files (to a maximum of 8), identified with the paper's ID and numerated as in the following example: ID57-01, ID57-02, and so on. They may be saved in .tiff, .jpeg or .png, and the author(s) are required to take into consideration their necessary printing quality.

    3.3 OTHER TYPE OF FILES - The presentation and project's description may follow the indications presented above. However, if necessary, the corresponding files may be submitted in other formats and, if too heavy to be sent by e-mail, the author(s) can use platforms such as WeTransfer or similar to do so. In any case, the author must expect to receive an e-mail from the Executive Committee, confirming the reception. These files must also be saved with the submission ID. In case the project has a physical / material dimension, the author must submit up to 6 pictures able to fully illustrate it, following the instructions given above to save the files.



    Until October 15th, the Scientific Committee will proceed to the final peer review of the full papers / final projects and notify the authors about either their definitive or conditional acceptance (whenever improving aspects are recommended);


    Until October 31st, the final version of both papers and projects must be sent, to allow a timely printing of the Conference's Proceedings. Regarding Projects, we advise the submission of an extended descriptive memory for publication, accompanied by a set of up to 6 images able to fully illustrate it. Regardless of this written version, all projects can (if desired by the authors and allowed by the specificities of the object) be published in their original and specific formats (video, photography, infographics, and so on) in a space created at DESIGNA's website to that effect.


    All authors with an accepted paper or project must formalize their registration (following the instructions stated in 'Registration') until October 31st, thus confirming their presence at the Conference and inclusion in the final programme. In the cases of papers/projects with multiple authors, the payment of the registration fee is required only from the ones presenting and attending the Conference.


    The oral communication must be prepared (and not exceed) 15 minutes. It can be made both in Portuguese or in English, but considering the international character of the event, any visual/graphic complementary material prepared to show during the presentation (e.g. PowerPoint) will have to be written in English, as a mandatory condition for its exhibition. These files may be sent previously (until November 21st) by e-mail, to the Executive Committee, or brought by the authors in a pen-drive to be installed in the room computer before the beginning of each session. As a safety precaution, we always recommend this last option.

    8. PROJECTS  

    All the projects (whose format justifies it) will be exhibited in a contiguous space to the Conference running area. This material must be sent to the Executive Committee until November 20th, by e-mail (designa.na.ubi@gmail.com) or brought by the authors in the days of the event. The authors must also provide all the necessary information regarding the conditions required by each project to its exhibition.


    NOTE - The printed or digital publishing of the Conference's works does not require the payment of any extra to the registration fee. Submitting these elements presupposes the tacit sharing of all the publishing rights with Universidade da Beira Interior. To any effect, the authors maintain intellectual property over their work. They are also accountable for the publication rights of any of the provided images.



  • Programme

                Preliminary program (v. APR'04) 

                NOVEMBER 29, Thursday 
      9:00   Registration
      9:30   Conference's opening 
    10:00   Panel 1 - Room A 
    10:00   Panel 2 - Room B 
    12:00   Lunch (free) 
    14:00   Panel 3 - Room A 
    14:00   Panel 4 - Room B 
    16:00   Coffee break 
    16:15   Panel 5 - Room A  
    16:15   Panel 6 - Room B 
    18:30   Inauguration  

                NOVEMBRO 30, Friday 
    10:00   Panel 7 - Room A 
    10:00   Panel 8 - Room B 
    12:00   Lunch (free) 
    14:00   Panel 9 - Room A 
    14:00   Panel 10 - Room B 
    16:00   Coffee break 
    16:15   Projects - Room A 
    18:30   Conference's closure 

    The program will be structured by 6 thematic panels:  
    P1  Theory and Methodology;
    P2  History and Education;
    P3  Fashion and Textiles;
    P4  Multimedia and Interface;
    P5  Industrial and Product;
    P6  Communication and Services.



  • Contacts


    Executive Committee

    Francisco Paiva (editor) . fpaiva@ubi.pt

    Catarina Moura (co-editor) . cmoura@ubi.pt 

    Rita Salvado

    Júlio Londrim

    Afonso Borges

    Sara Velez

    Conference Secretary
    Mércia Pires    +351  275242023  / ext. 1201
    Faculty of Arts e Letters  
    Departament of Communication and Arts

    LABCOM.IFP - Communication, Philosophy and Humanities 
    Rua Marquês D'Ávila e Bolama  
    6200-001 Covilhã - Portugal (Map) GPS: +40° 16' 40.31" -7° 30' 32.30" 

     website / facebook  

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